Why Hire the DUI Lawyer Castle Rock CO Professional?

Regardless if you think you should just forgo an attorney because you want to plead guilty to your DUI case or you think you can’t afford legal representation, you could be facing serious punishment if you just file a guilty plea. As a driver, you have rights in this region you may not be aware of, something your DUI attorney is definitely familiar with. These are some of the top to reach out to the DUI lawyer Castle Rock CO professional before your court date arrives.

Analyzing All of the DUI Evidence

Although you may feel as if you should plead guilty to your DUI charge because the evidence showed your blood-alcohol level was far above the legal limit, your attorney might be able to show otherwise. Your attorney has developed the skills to be able to carefully analyze the testing procedure and look for inconsistencies that could result in the case being dismissed. Your attorney will look to see which testing procedure was used, why it was used, and how the officer conducted themselves during the investigation. Your attorney may be able to show the testing equipment has a history of giving false readings, or the officer conducting the test did not calibrate the device correctly.

Cross Examine the Arresting Officer

Your attorney understands that in order to poke holes in the prosecution’s case, they need to get the police officer on the stand. One tactic they will use is to request the officer take the stand during the license suspension hearing. By being able to just ask the officer questions, their answers can then be used once the DUI case goes to trial. Now that the officer had spoken, they will be able to be cross-examined in court. Once in court, your DUI attorney will draw on decades experience to get the officer to admit to mistakes that could have been made in your particular case.

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Plea Bargaining with the Prosecutor

Regardless if your DUI attorney was able to discredit the arresting officer or the evidence, one of the reasons you’ll want a skilled DUI lawyer in your corner is because they have the ability to plea-bargain a more favorable result once the judge is ready to make their decision. There is no reason to accept a punishment associated with DUI when your attorney has the ability to plea-bargain the case down to a reckless driving. These lower charges are less costly, will not affect your record, and will allow you to keep your driver’s license. Now you will not lose your current job or the ability to find a job because you don’t have a valid driver’s license.

A DUI on your permanent record not only is costly, it will negatively impact your ability to get work for years to come. Now is the time to take advantage of a free consultation with a local DUI attorney so you can get answers to all the questions and concerns that you might have.