Protecting Your Financial Future with the Chesapeake Personal Injury Lawyer

When you have suffered a serious accident that was the fault of another party, you can’t wait idly by and hope they will make things right. In fact, the insurance company for the responsible party is already preparing a solid defense against potential claims, so it is best to get yourself a Chesapeake personal injury lawyer as soon as you’re able to. These are just a few of the ways your auto accident attorney Chesapeake VA professional is working to protect your financial future.

Filing Your Claim in a Timely Manner

When you are injured due to the negligence of another, you will need to get yourself treated and at the same time file a claim if you plan on pursuing a lawsuit. The clock is ticking, and you have to be in the hospital having your injuries attended to, so the insurance company is already at an advantage. The reason you should already be on the phone with the accident lawyer is because they will begin the long process of filing the lawsuit and getting all the documents in order then must be filed by a certain time.

Your personal injury lawyer has a dedicated team in the law firm who go over those documents to make certain they are not only filled out correctly, but they are submitted before the deadlines.

Finding Evidence to Support Your Claims

While you have to be seen by doctors and deal with your injuries, the evidence that could support your claims is disappearing. The memory of witnesses begins to fade days after the accident, and the scene may be cleaned by now, so getting evidence is a real problem without legal help. Had you called an attorney while on your way to the hospital, they would disperse their own accident investigation team to the scene to start preserving the location in the event it has to be presented in court.

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The team finds witnesses too and gets their testimony recorded so they have a clear recollection of the events of that day in case they are called to court years from now.

Dealing with Problematic Insurance Lawyers

The insurance company lawyers realize they can get the insurance company to pay less if they can frustrate the victim and drag on the case. Any chance they get, they stall the proceedings. Your lawyer knows all the tricks and won’t fall prey to their tactics.

Once your injury lawyer submits a settlement claim, they will not budge until the insurance company settles the lawsuit.

There are simply too many things that need to fall into place to have you trying to fight for yourself in this case. Your Chesapeake personal injury lawyer draws on decades experience of their law firm to help position themselves to get you the biggest cash settlement for your injuries. Don’t risk your financial future because you think you have what it takes to win the case without representation, the insurance company has several lawyers who will easily punch holes in your story.